Spring - Cristal - Damping attachment 20 cm

Spring - Cristal - For the last twentyfive years, Spring’s anniversary line has been as much a part of good cooking as salt and pepper.


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Product number: 32147
Manufacturer: Spring International GmbH
Manufacturer number: 0285256020
Product information "Spring - Cristal - Damping attachment 20 cm"

The lid stays on. Because steam plays the central role in the gentle, fat-free preparation of fish fillets, meat and vegetables. Try it out with the CRISTAL steaming attachment from Spring. Look forward to a new taste experience! The flavours can develop fully, nutrients are preserved. Tip for steaming beginners: Season salmon fillet, broccoli florets and carrot slices with salt, pepper and nutmeg, hang everything in the steaming attachment in the pot for about 15 minutes. Stop, the lid!

Spring pots and pans are made of high- quality multi-ply material, which transmits the heat directly from the bottom through- out the sides and, thus, to the food. This ensures gentle, fast, and even heating of your food and saves energy. Spring multi-use pots and pans are highly functional. Because of their beautiful de- sign and low weight (no heavy bottom) they are perfectly suited for serving. Their round, easy-to-handle form allows easy cleaning.

For the last twentyfive years, Spring’s anniversary line Cristal has been as much a part of good cooking as salt and pepper. With refreshingly clean and timeless forms, Cristal remains a masterpiece, even after decades of use in countless kitchens. The wide selection of pots and pans makes the heart beat faster and gives the security of always knowing the appropriate cookware on the stove. Suitable for serving, made of high-quality, highly conductive 5-ply material. Outer surface high-gloss 18/0 stainless steel, inner surface 18/10 stainless steel. Suitable for all kinds of stoves, incl. induction.

For slow cooking of food over long periods where a uniform temperature is important. Or just the pasta cooking pot. Elegant in the kitchen, on the buffet and on the table.

  • Use gadgets made of soft plastic or silicone only
  • 5-ply material: Outer layer in induction-compatible 18/0 stainless steel, inner layer in stainless steel, three-layer aluminium core
  • Heat conductivity: 5 layers with all-round cooking properties ensure quick and even heat distribution right to the edge of
    the pan. Saves time and energy.
  • Close-fitting lid: For gentle cooking with a minimum of water. Precious vitamins are not destroyed, and vege tables preserve
    their fresh colour.
  • Sealed rim: No corrosion and guaranteed long life, with lip for clean and precise pouring.
  • Ergonomic handles: Made of stainless steel. For safe, efficient use. Stable, oven-proof and dishwasher-safe.
  • Suitable for all types of stove: Ceramic, induction, electric or gas.
  • Material: stainless steel 18/10, Aluminium
  • Matching lid Spring - Cristal - lid diameter 20 cm (Art.Nr .: 0275506120) not included

Curvature of base
The base of high-end cookware curves slightly upwards when the pan is cold, but the base becomes perfectly flat when the pan is heated

The history of the Spring brand is a chronicle marked by milestones of innovative and creative ideas for elegant dining, sophisticated cuisine, and ambitious hobby cooks. In 1946, the Spring brothers established the company which was committed to uncompromising quality and well-conceived product development. Over the years, the Spring brand has continually developed and marketed new products that proved to be trendsetters in the history of cooking and dining culture.

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